Air quality, low-cost PM2.5 sensors, and between.

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  1. Air Quality Analysis: how to use Pandas, Matplotlib to explore public data
  2. Python Interface with low-cost sensors to measure fine particles in atmosphere (PM2.5):
    2.1. Nova Fitness SDS011 (018)
    2.2. Sensirion SPS30
    2.3. Plantower PMS
    2.4. Winsen ZH03B
  3. Visualize data by Dash app
  4. Read data from Dylos DC1100/DC1700
  5. Collection of Arduino code for IoT devices
  6. Build a photo-bio-reactor to grow microalgae
  7. Read soil humidity
  8. Build a home weather station with low-cost sensor


Free as water.

Binh Nguyen, 2020.